We are updating the Amabook.es website, including the sale of paper books.

We are updating the Amabook.es website, including the sale of paper books.

Amabooks’ recently launched website sells paper and digital books, and also provides ebook reading devices. This recent update means Spanish readers can buy online and receive their purchases in the comfort of their home. The new web coincides with the updating of the Amabook reading app, which is already available for iOS and which will be available for Android in January.

The new Amabook has a catalogue of more than 650,000 references; these are approximately 600,000 paper format books and approximately 30,000 ebooks, which in January will have an additional 70,000 new ebooks, thereby becoming one of the most extensive repositories of Spanish content. In addition, it already has 3 digital reading devices on sale, from the renowned French brand Cybook.

The genres are varied, from self-help, economics and business, fiction,…to academic books. The publishing houses that have joined the project are, among others: Ediciones Urano, Herder, Ediciones B, RBA, Planeta, Penguin Random House, Granica Editores, and many more covering hundreds of imprints.

Books are available in paper format, digital format, or both formats.

During the launch of the website there will be a 5% discount on all products. The page has a coupon and discount code system for future special offers, and also has the option of purchasing gifts.

In many cases the website provides a pre-visualization of the book in the browser (for epubs) and will shortly also have the feature of pdf reader (in the browser), synchronised with the reading app. This ubiquity means that the reader can, for example, start reading on their PC, continue on their Smartphone when travelling, and finish it on their tablet or ereader before bed.

Developed in Python, this development is a natural step so that the system can withstand the exponential increase of titles available.

The new Amabook is a world of possibilities in which the reader decides what, how and where they will read.