Legal note, Privacy policies and Cookies



  1. Who is the manager of the treatment? 
  2. Which information recopilamos and treat of the user through the web page? 
  3. With which purpose treat the personal data of the user? 
  4. Which is the legitimación of the treatment of the data of the user? 
  5. During how long they will treat the personal data of the user?
  6. To which addressees will communicate the personal data of the user? 
  7. Which are the rights of the user?
  8. What measured of security have implemented?
  9. Politics in social nets
  1. Basic information on the cookies
  2. Information detailed on the cookies
  3. How desinstalar the cookies?




In fulfillment with the article 10.1 of the Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of Services of the Information Society and E-commerce (LSSI) indicate the data identificativos of the title:

  • Manager: Urano World Spain SAU. (From now on, “URANO WORLD”)
  • NIF: A08847220
  • Social domicile: C. Aribau 142, Main, 08036 Barcelona
  • Fiscal domicile: C. Of the Kings Magicians, 8, 28007 Madrid
  • Mercantile register of BARCELONA T 44071 , F 208, S 8, H B 446407.
  • Email of contact: 
  • Web page: 



By means of the present Privacy policy, the user remains informed of a clear form, precise and concise. If the user accepts it, will give us his consent of a free form, informed, specific and unambiguous so that URANO WORLD treat his personal data, according to the Regulation EU 2016/679 relative to the protection of the physical people, by means of the treatment of his personal data and his free circulation (RGPD) and the Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, of Personal Data protection and guarantee of the digital rights (LOPDGDD) (European and national legislation valid on matter of data protection)




Manager of the treatment


Purposes of the treatment

Response to surgeries and doubts, provision of the service and possible sending of information on the products and services.


Consent of the interested (article 6.1.To of the RGPD).

Contractual relation with the interested (article 6.1.b Of the RGPD).


They will be able to have access: Administration Tributaria, Banks and financial entities, Forces and Bodies of Security, Attendants of the necessary Treatment for the provision of the service.

Rights and additional information

It allows the exercise of the rights of access, rectification or suppression, among others. All the information finds accessible in the information detailed of this privacy policy.




  1. Who is the manager of the treatment?

The data identificativos of the Manager of the Treatment appear in the section 1.


  1. Which information recopilamos and treat of the user through the web page?

The data that collect refer to the category of data identificativos, as they can be: Name and Surnames, Telephone, Email, as well as the direction IP from where accesses to the form of collected of data.

  • Through the form Contact

In our web page the user will find the option to write us to clear all the doubts that have in relation with the operation of our products/services or any another thing that need. To answer, will contact with the user through the email or number of telephone, if it had indicated it to us.

  • Through our corporate email 

Through our email the user will be able to write us and/or require the information that consider necessary to clear the doubts related with our services.

In the case that the user facilitate us data of third, will assume the responsibility to have him informed previously and have his consent for this, according to the article 14 of the RGPD.


  1. With which purpose treat the personal data of the user?

URANO WORLD makes a treatment of personal data with the purposes that expose to continuation, in function of the motive for which have been facilitated:

  1. Carry the provision of the products/services hired, the maintenance of the contractual relation and the follow-up of the same.
  2. Contact, transact, manage and give response to the request, application, incidence or surgery of the user (already was through email, form of contact or telephone).
  1. Manage the process of purchase of the client and any surgery associated to the products/services hired.
  1. Manage, in his case, the sending of information on products, services and novelties associated to URANO WORLD by electronic means and/or conventional.


  1. Which is the legitimación of the treatment of the data of the user?
  • The legal base for the treatment of his personal data for the exposed purposes in the anterior section is the execution of the provision of the corresponding service, and is an imperative obligation for this, as it establishes the article 6.1,b) of the RGPD.
  • Regarding the sending of information on products, services and novelties associated to URANO WORLD, the legal base for the treatment of the personal data facilitated is the consent that awards the user of form expresses, as it establishes the article 6.1,to) of the RGPD.


  1. During how long they will treat the personal data of the user?
  • The data for the management of the relation with the client and the turnover and collection of the services will be conserved during all the time in that the agreement was in force. Once finalised said relation, in his case, the data will be able to be conserved during the time demanded by the applicable legislation and until they prescribe the eventual derivative responsibilities of the agreement.
  • The data for the management of surgeries and applications will conserve during the necessary time to give response to the same, and in his case, while the interested do not request the withdrawal of his consent to send him information related with his surgery.
  • The data for the sending of information associated to the products or services of URANO WORLD will be conserved while the user do not revoke his consent.


  1. To which addressees will communicate the personal data of the user?

Like general rule, his data will not be yielded to third except that exists a legal obligation or was necessary to carry the provision of the service. Having this in account:

  • The personal data of the user could be communicated to the financial entities through which articulate the management of collections and payments.
  • Only in necessary cases legally, the data will be communicated to the Forces and Bodies of Security of the State.
  • Also they could be communicated to the competent Public Administrations in the planned cases by the Law.
  • In his case, also will be communicated to the Attendants of the Treatment of URANO WORLD for the correct provision of the service.


  1. Which are the rights of the user?

The rule in matter of data protection allows that it can exert his rights of access, rectification, suppression and portability of data and opposition and limitation to his treatment, as well as to not being object of decisions based only in the treatment automated of his data, where appropriate.

These rights characterise by the following:

  • His exercise is free, except that treat of applications manifestly unfounded or excessive (e.g., repetitive character), in whose case URANO WORLD will be able to charge a proportional canon to the supported administrative costs or deny to act.
  • It can exert the rights directly or by means of his legal representative or volunteer.
  • We have to answer to his application in the term of a month, although, if it take the complexity and number of applications, can prorrogar the term in other two months more.
  • Have the obligation to inform him on the means to exercise these rights, which have to be accessible and without being able to denegarle the exercise of the right by the alone motive to opt by another half. If the application presents by electronic means, the information will facilitate by these means when it was possible, except that it request us that it was of another way.
  • If URANO WORLD does not give course to the application, will inform him, to more take in a month, of the reasons of his no performance and the possibility to demand in front of an Authority of Control.

To end to facilitate his exercise, facilitate him the links to the form of application of each one of the rights:

To exert his rights URANO WORLD puts to his disposal the following means:

1. By means of application written and signed headed to URANO WORLD. Ref. Exercise of Rights LOPD.

2. Sending form scanned and signed to the email address indicating in the subject Exercise of Rights LOPD.

In both cases, will have to accredit his identity accompanying photocopy or in his case, copy scanned, of his DNI or equivalent document to be able to verify that we only give response to the interested or his legal representative, having to contribute in this case supporting document of the representation.

Likewise, and especially if it considers that it has not obtained full satisfaction in the exercise of his rights, inform him that it will be able to present a claim in front of the national authority of control heading to these effects to the Spanish Agency of Data protection (AEPD), C/ Jorge Juan, 6 – 28001 Madrid ( ).


  1. What measured of security have implemented?

In URANO WORLD engage us to protect his personal information.

We use measures, controls and procedures of physical character, organisational and technological, reasonably reliable and effective, oriented to preserve the integrity and the security of his data and guarantee his privacy.

Besides, all the personnel with access to the personal data has been formed and has knowledge of his obligations in regard to the treatments of his personal data.

In the case of the agreements that subscribe with our providers include clauses in which it demands them maintain the duty of secret with regard to the data of personal character to which have had access in virtue of the commission made, as well as implant the measures of technical and organisational security necessary to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resiliencia permanent of the systems and services of treatment of the personal data.

All these measures of security are revised of periodic form to guarantee his adecuación and effectiveness.

However, the absolute security can not guarantee and does not exist any system of security that was impenetrable by what, in the case of any information object of treatment and under our control saw engaged like consequence of a brecha of security, will take the suitable measures to research the incident, notify it to the Authority of Control and, in his case, to those users that had been able to see affected so that they take the suitable measures.


  1. Politics in social nets

URANO WORLD has of a corporate profile in the social nets of Twitter and Linkedin.

Therefore, URANO WORLD is the “Manager of the treatment of your data” in virtue of the existence of said profiles in the social nets and in front of the fact that the user follow us and in virtue of this also can him follow.

The anterior means that, if the user decides to join to our corporate profile like a follower or giving a “Like” or a “likes Me” to our contents or profile, accepts the present political, where explain his rights and how use his data.

In quality of manager of the treatment of your data, guarantee the confidentiality in the treatment and the fulfillment of the rights of the user, always under the effects of the valid rule on data protection.

Of another part, inform that we will use these social nets to announce the news or notable information related with the services that offer, or on subjects that consider are of interest of the user. Using the functionalities of said platforms, is possible that the user receive in his wall or in his profile news with this type of information.

Now well, also we inform that it does not exist any bond among URANO WORLD and said platforms or social nets, by what the user accepts his politics of use and conditions once access to the same and/or validate his notices and terms and conditions in the procedure of register, not being manager URANO WORLD of the use or treatment of the data of the user that do out of the strict relation and provision of services indicated in this politics.



We warn him that URANO WORLD is to title of all the rights of the copyright and industrial of the web page, as well as all his elements (to title enunciativo: images, sound, audio, video, software or texts; marks or logotypes, combinations of colours, structure and design, selection of materials used, programs of necessary computer for his operation, access and use, etc.).

The web page of URANO WORLD contains texts that pretend to inform to his users. Any error or omission in the content generated will not do manager in no case URANO WORLD.




  1. Basic information on the cookies
  • What the user has to know on the Cookies

The cookies (cookies) are small archives that save information in the devices of the Users that use our Web.

The cookies associate with the browser of a computer or determinate device. Thanks to them, it results possible that URANO WORLD recognise the browsers of the Users; also they serve to determine the preferences of the user of navigation and, from this, evaluate the preferences of the user being able to use them like indicators, all this to improve our offer of services.

  • The acceptance of the cookies in URANO WORLD:

The Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of Information Society and E-commerce (from now on, LSSI) in relation with the cookies demands that our Users are informed with previous character to the experience of navigation in the platform on the use, type and purpose of the cookies. That is the reason by which have implemented an informative notice that deploys once that the user accesses to our Web, informing of previous way, and giving the option that the user choose the cookies that wishes to allow and accept them on purpose, fulfilling like this with the criteria established by the European Committee of Data protection and the Guide on the use of cookies published by the AEPD in July 2020.


  1. Information detailed on the cookies
  • Technical or functional cookies: they are those that allow to the user the navigation through a web page,  platform or application and the utilisation of the different options or services that in her exist,  including those that the editor uses to allow the management and operative of the web page and enable  his functions and services, as, for example, control the traffic and the communication of data, identify the  session, access to parts of access restricted, remember the elements that integrate a request, make the process of purchase of  a request,    manage the payment, control the fraud linked to the security of the   service,  make  the  application of registration or participation in an event,  count visits to effects of the  turnover of licences of the software with which works the service (website, platform or application), use elements of security during the navigation, store contents for the diffusion of videos or sound, enables dynamic contents (for example, animation of load of a text or image) or share contents through social nets.

Also they belong to this category, by his technical nature, those cookies that allow the management, of the most effective form possible, of the advertising spaces that, like an element more than design or “layout” of the service offered to the user, the editor have included in a web page, application or platform in base to criteria like the content edited, without that recopile information of the users with distinct ends, as it can be customise this advertising content or other contents.

*The technical cookies will be excepted of the fulfillment of the obligations established in the article 22.2 of the LSSI when they allow to loan the service requested by the user, as it occurs in the case of the cookies enumerated in the anterior paragraphs. However, if these cookies use also for purposes no exentas (for example, for advertising ends comportamentales), will remain subject to said obligations.

  • Cookies of preferences or personalización: they are those that allow to remember the information so that the user access to the service with determinate characteristics that can differentiate his experience of the one of other users, as, for example, the language, the number of results to show when the user makes a research, the appearance or content of the service in function of the type of browser through the cual the user accesses to the service or of the region from which accesses to the service, etc.

*If it is the own user the one who chooses these characteristics (for example, if it selects the language of a website clicando in the icon of the flag of the corresponding country), the cookies will be excepted of the obligations of the article 22.2 of the LSSI for considering an on purpose requested service by the user, and this as long as the cookies obey exclusively to the purpose selected.

  • Cookies of analysis or measurement: they are those that allow to the responsible of the same the follow-up and analysis of the behaviour of the users of the websites to which are linked, included the quantification of the impacts of the ads. The information collected by means of this type of cookies uses in the measurement of the activity of the websites, application or platform, with the end to enter improvements in function of the analysis of the data of use that do the users of the service.

*This type of cookies, although they are not exentas of the duty to obtain a consent informed for his use, the GT29 manifested that it is little likely that represent a risk for the privacy of the users whenever it treats of first part, that treat aggregated data with a strictly statistical purpose, that facilitate the information on his uses and include the possibility that the users manifest his refusal on his utilisation.

  • Cookie of advertising comportamental: they are those that store information of the behaviour of the users obtained through the observation continued of his habits of navigation, what allows to develop a specific profile to show advertising of function of the same.
  • The cookies that use in URANO WORLD

In the table that appears to continuation include the details, purpose, the type and the classes of cookies that have implemented in our platform. For his understanding, detail to continuation the types of cookies that can be used if the user gives us his consent:






Type (own/third)


It stores and it calculates the time from the last navigation of the user.

2 year

Analytical (Google Analytics)


It stores the time of visit of the user.

30 minutes

Analytical (Google Analytics)


It stores the keyword used and the search engine.

6 months

Analytical (Google Analytics)


It stores the time of visit of the user.

30 minutes

Analytical (Google Analytics)


It detects if the user has accepted the cookies.

1 year

Functional and of personalización (GDPR Cookie Consent)


It detects if the user has accepted the cookies.

1 year

Functional and of personalización (GDPR Cookie Consent)


It stores you adjust them of language selected by the user.

1 year

Functional and of personalización (own)


  1. How desinstalar the cookies?

If an user wishes desinstalar the cookies used in of his browser, to continuation, leave him the instructions for distinct browsers:

  • For more information on Internet Explorer press here.
  • For more information on Microsoft Edge press here.
  • For more information on Firefox press here.
  • For more information on Chrome press here.
  • For more information on Safari press here.



URANO WORLD will be able to modify this legal text in accordance with the applicable legislation in each moment. Anyway, any considerable modification that affect to the use of the web page of the Legal notice, the Privacy policy and Cookies, will be him properly notified to the user so that, remain informed of the changes made in the treatment of his personal data and, in case that the applicable rule like this demand it, the user can award his consent.



Our legal texts govern by the Spanish law. These texts will remain accessible for the users at all times from our web page.

If the parts did not agree to subject to mediation or arbitrage previously, in the present legal notice establishes the agreement to subject to the Courts and Courts of Barcelona renouncing on purpose to any another jurisdiction.