Our services

We own all our developments

We can clone and license all our solutions as a private label for your company.

Publishing services

Our company, part of a group with a strong presence in the publishing sector at an international level, has extensive experience in providing publishing services. We offer the complete service of the prepress process, including coordination: guillotine, scanning, OCR (and cleaning), layout, corrections required by the text, insertion of corrections and printing. But also the realization of all those works separately, including digital layout and books in flipbook format.

We work with publishers in Spain and Latin America, both in the private and public spheres (universities, councils, publishers…).

We offer the possibility of a free first job to test our services.


Digital Books is a digital book distribution company connected with almost 70 online electronic book shops, thereby ensuring an optimum positioning for your books. From Amazon, Apple, Google, Amabook, Casa del Libro, Kobo,…

You will be able to access an advanced back office where you can upload your contents (individually or in batches) and follow the daily evolution of your sales, extracting reports and consulting advanced statistics.

Our back office has price rules for special offers and discount coupons as well as promotional links and corporate sales links.

We also provide the possibility of distributing to a library channel.

Digital consultancy

We don’t merely develop your project, we advise you on the fundamental points you should focus on to achieve success, helping you in planning and strategy, integrating into the systems of your company and optimising your processes.

This consultancy process does not have to be linked to technological development; we can provide this separately, regardless of who executes the project and the sector to which your company belongs.


We have our own platform of courses and seminars on video, with a vast number of subscribers and a constantly increasing database. Recommendable both if you want to provide training for your company and if you want us to assess the publication of your course.

Likewise, we distribute an LMS (Learning Management System) and a database of contents for schools and training centres, established in several countries in Spain and Latin America.

Technology development

We provide web development (simple and complex) from corporate webs, e-commerce, with integration into your company’s systems. All of our developments are customizable and clonable, and can be licensed as a private label.

We also provide tailor-made developments, both in environments, websites, desktop applications, apps for iOS and Android. Currently we have a series of products prepared for distribution:


A complete e-commerce where you can sell any type of product, not only books, in a multilanguage setting, with big data functions and advanced marketing (shopping cart abandonment, newsletters with Mailchimp, etc., recommendations, etc).

We have established this shop in its different modes

  • With the cms Magento
  • With own development in Python (the language used to develop Instagram, Pinterest, and many others) and available in the LITE and PREMIUM versions.


A platform to access contents in the subscription payment mode. Initially designed for books, but customizable for other contents.


A platform for private and public libraries that provides access to the best and widest content in the Spanish language, with all the functions required for both settings.


A reading application for e-pub and pdf format for iOS and Android and in reading modes for download, subscription and loan, with Augmented Reality options that serve to inter-relate the analogical and digital worlds.

Servers and I.T. support

We have an I.T. support service (micro-computing, servers, on-site and remote hotline) for your company, so that you can focus on your business and forget about a service that can be completely outsourced.

Our team will adivse you about the best technology to use, equipment,…and will provide assistance to your staff, server hosting, sale of devices and in general, support for any I.T. assistance you may require.