AMABOOK reading app

  • Proyecto Amabook App

About This Project

Conceptualization, design and development of reading applications for iOS and Android which provide an e-book reading service through a subscription to Suscribooks and its affiliates.

Suscribooks is an app that can be used to read electronic books that are accessible from the portal E-books from said portal can be read using this app, and it has features such as:

  • insertion of bookmark
  • change of typography and font size
  • change of background screen
  • link to different dictionaries (languages)
  • insertion of notes and highlighting of texts
  • insertion of notes and highlighting of texts
  • pdf reading
  • reading of own e-pubs and pdfs (not bought on Amabook)

and Augmented Reality functions that allow image scanning in physical bookshops which trigger actions and access to additional contents.

The aim is to create a multi-function application which is not simply another scanner, but which contributes more features to and affiliated bookshops. This development is clonable and customizable.